Sunday, March 13, 2011

Shamrock bookmark

I'm in a pick 3 swap on and I didn't know what to send my partner, I needed one more thing. Well one of the choices to send was a bookmark. Since it's a few days before St. Patrick's day I thought I'd make her a shamrock bookmark.
So I found a pattern online. Then I found out I had to learn how to Tr = treble crochet and Dc = double crochet. So I found videos online that explained how to do that.

These are the videos I used.
How to Treble crochet video
How to Double Crochet video
Here is the pattern I used, here.

This is the final result. I made the small one from the pattern. I used a 3mm hook though. I don't know what the size yarn is that I used, because I don't know how to read German labels, but I think it came out alright. This is the bookmark shown in one of my books, it's a standard paperback book, to show the resulting size. Also, as you can see I didn't add the tassel that the pattern recommends either.

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