Thursday, February 24, 2011

My first projects.

I started crocheting Febuary 24, 2011. I learned everything I know now from videos I watched on youtube.
I first created a kind of zombie from a book that my mom baught me called Crobots.
The pattern can be found here for this one. The author of the book posted this.

The white one was my first go at crocheting. The black one was my second, I made it on Feb 25. I was progressing. I knew the mistakes I made in the white one, including a few rows. Their arms are supposed to look like that, they are supposed to look like ther're falling off. I tried to follow what the pattern said for that. Also the eye on the black one is also supposed to look like it's falling off.
I then made a witch hat and broom for the black zombie doll on Feb 27. These I created from a pattern that I found online that I altered slightly so they would fit him better.

The pattern for the broom and hat that I altered I found here. I followed the directions for the hat through round 11. I made round 12(Sc in next st, 2 sc in next st) around. Then round 13 (2 sc in every st) around. Then I bent the top of the hat and sewed it to the doll.

For the Broom I followed the pattern for the broom on the same site as above. Except when it came to "Rnd 3-13: Sc in each st around, join with sl st in first st. Fasten off" I just kep sc around not counting until I got the length that I thought looked right for my doll. I also judged the amount of "Bristles" by what I thought looked right for the size of my broom and doll