Thursday, March 3, 2011

Little devil

I love this little guy he's so cute! I made him using this pattern here.
Th pitchfork I didn't sew on to his hand, but actually stuck it through his hand, it really looks like he's holding it now. lol

I added a tail, I just made a long tube that started with magic ring of 6 sc and just kept making single crochets until I liked the length then put a red pipe cleaner inside before sewing it to the devil, that way I could bend the tail if I wanted and it helped him stand up better.

Before his tail and pitch fork were added. That's my mom's tattoo by the way lol

Side view

Front view

I also used buttons for his eyes instead of the safety eyes that the pattern called for, I didn't have any. And I sewed a little mouth on, when I tied the knot on the mouth I was going to pull it through, but I liked how it looked as goatee. lol

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