Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Adipose from Dr. Who

This is an image of the Adipose from Dr. Who.

I was so excited when I found this pattern! The pattern can be found on Ravelry, here.
When I first did the feet they came out like the foot on the left, a little off then I altered the pattern slightly and came up with the foot on the right. I re-did the other so that they matched and they looked great! Pattern for the feet is under the photo.

I found the pattern to be a bit confusing when I got to Rnd 3 of the feet, when it came to making the “toes.”

Working in back loop, sc in next 6 sts,

When it came to this part: working in both loops, [sc, trc, sc] in the
next 5 dc (toes made), I did it a bit different. I did the first sc and the trc normal, but the second sc I did differently. I inserted the hook from the back, drew up a loop and pulled it through, this made a loop over my hook and yarn that I was using, so I then pulled the hook through the large loop so that it wouldn't make a knot. I then yo and pulled through the 2 loops, finishing the sc and continued on. I did this for every second sc that was needed to make the toes.

I then continued as the pattern followed:
working in back look, sc in next 4 sts, move up marker
(22 sc, 5 trc)

All in all I LOVE how he came out! Another favorite!!

*When I sewed on the mouth I went under one stitch so it would make it look like a tooth, just like the actual Adipose from Dr. Who.

**Row counts are off by one stitch starting at rnd 5. Rnds 5-26 should have 1 more stitch than indicated. Rnds 28-31 continue with the correct counts.

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